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This experience was absolutely AMAZING!!! Cyrine created an amazing energy and even taught me how to properly cut an onion. She told us about her love for spices and cooking overall. Although. I don’t eat beef, we m...

Boeuf bourguignon a la francaise - enero 2020- PARIS

We had such a great moment with Esther and Robert. We share the cooking (thanks again for your butcher talents ) and a nice dinner together.
Esther and Robert are great people, great company !!! I hope we can see ...

A typical french diner in the north of paris in a cosy flat - enero 2020- AUBERVILLIERS - METRO LIGNE 7

Lovely ones, each place we visit was a totally new experience for them, they really enjoy the quality and variety of tapas & wines and at the end of the tour they was really satisfied and grateful for it.

Tapas & wines tasting - enero 2020- Barcelona