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Hello, my name is Elena !

Sevilla, España · Member since February 2018
I am a very outgoing person, I love making new friends, organizing meetings at home and making others feel as if they were in theirs. I try to have a healthy lifestyle and in that sense I take great care of food and exercise. I practice swimming, running, spinning and hiking. I have more than twenty years in the hospitality industry. I am in love with my city, its culture and its gastronomy and organizing dinners for tourists gives me the opportunity to meet interesting people from other countries. The initiative was born...to conquer the tourist wanting to integrate thoroughly in a city...
Nobody wants to be a tourist, everyone wants to be a traveler and the real traveler avoids conventional plans and the restaurants that appear in all the guides to try to live like the locals and eat like them.

Hobbies: Meditation, hiking, running, music. I love to taste a good wine enjoying a good meeting.

Job I love listening to music, I think I could live without it.

School International Secretariat

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