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MamazSocialFood is the publishing and booking platform for dinners between individuals



Our Mission

On the one hand, we offer all food lovers a unique way to exercise their talent and generate additional income. These are the hosts.

On the other hand, we offer all food lovers and gourmets around the world unique dinners close to home or away when travelling. These are the guests.

What are our values?

MamazSocialFood is an invitation to meeting new people and encouraging cultural openness through cookery and gastronomy. On MamazSocialFood, you will meet talented hosts, interesting and open guests from your neighbourhood or from around the world.

What is a dinner “MamazSocialFood”?

More than just a dinner, it is a unique experience-sharing event. A single host in a unique setting, with a unique theme and menu, for a single price, at a specific date, offers a “MamazSocialFood” dinner.

"MamazSocialFood" Dinners are a real social and economic alternative to restaurants.

Who are our clients?

People who love cooking and people who look for a moment of discovery and encounter. Whether you are young, single, retired, a tourist, a whole family or a group of friends, there is always a “MamazSocialFood” dinner for you.

What is the price of a dinner?

The host freely sets the price of the dinner. The MamazSocialFood team merely makes general recommendation. A host may also choose to propose a free dinner.

Are hosts paid?

Yes, the guest pays the host. The Host freely sets the price of the dinner. The MamazSocialFood platform is a trusted third party that ensures a secure connection and payment between guests and hosts.

What are the safety rules?

All hosts and guests are necessarily registered on the platform. We check email addresses, phone numbers and facebook accounts to ensure that they belong to the registrant. Dinner bookings can only be made with a valid credit card. The dinner reservation is effective only after payment is confirmed. The host’s personal information (address, telephone number) is transmitted only after confirmation of the reservation by the host. Each member has a public profile that can be accessed by users of the platform.

We rely on our members to notify us of any reprehensible behaviour they might witness. The MamazSocialFood Team reserves the right to permanently exclude any member of the platform following any conduct that is contrary to the terms and conditions of sale.

How is MamazSocialFood compensated?

MamazSocialFood is a trusted third party platform that mediates between hosts and guests. The retail price includes a reservation fee of 20% of the price set by the host. This enables MamazSocialFood to market and develop on a worldwide basis.


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