Mediterranean market food with pairing wine local

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Mediterranean market food with pairing wine local
Mediterranean market food with pairing wine local
Mediterranean market food with pairing wine local
We offer haute cuisine and stunning location to enjoy a unique Slow Food experience in the house of a local chef.

We believe that what makes a meal an unforgettable experience are the good vibes from great company and the ambience from a beautiful location for this in Oducia we want to set a table for guests from all over the world.

We have created Oducia with the serious commitment to work only with fresh and organic products. The finest seasonal ingredients are thoroughly selected from local market. This keep our menu in constant change depending on the time of the year and motivate us to create new flavours.

Enjoy our open kitchen, where you can see how I cook right before your eyes.

This menu are intended as a guideline. Of the products that we can get to serve of them according to fresh products available in the local market that day.

The menu is subject to be changed for a Vegetarian or Vegan option.

Tell us about any food restrictions or allergies in your booking.
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Sevilla, España

- Seasonal Fruit Tabbule with Mojama (Salted Tuna) on Spearmint Salsiki and Beet Vinaigrette.


- Acorn Pork Cheek with Grilled Vegetables and sweet Potato Puree.

- Codfish Confit with Seafood Fideuá and Fine Toasted Garlic Cream.


Dessert to choose between two options.
- Milk Torrija and Hazelnut Ice Cream.
- Chocolate Cake with Spices and Mango Sorbet.
Coffee or Tea included.


Dinner Pairing with the Best Choice of Wine Local.