Pasta like a pro! (cooking class and sitdown meal)

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Pasta like a pro! (cooking class and sitdown meal)
Pasta like a pro! (cooking class and sitdown meal)
Pasta like a pro! (cooking class and sitdown meal)
Pasta like a pro! (cooking class and sitdown meal)
Pasta like a pro! (cooking class and sitdown meal)
Pasta like a pro! (cooking class and sitdown meal)
Pasta like a pro! (cooking class and sitdown meal)
Pasta like a pro! (cooking class and sitdown meal)
Pasta like a pro! (cooking class and sitdown meal)
Pasta like a pro! (cooking class and sitdown meal)
Ever wanted to make pasta from scratch and get to dine in the home of a local in Rome, Italy? Well, look no further and book a seat at one of our classes. Since we began in 2015, our venture has grown and we've been hosting people from all over the world! We like to keep our classes small, so no more than 6 participants at a time. During the event, you'll get to hear our personal tips and our journey in learning the art of cooking Italian. The atmosphere is relaxed and fun, aimed at making sure YOU have a great time!

You will learn firsthand our tips to making delicious, authentic pasta and pair it with a sauce of your choice! We will also be assembling a dessert together. And then, of course, to reward you for your hard work, we will all sit down to a 3-course meal and a good bottle of wine!
$78  per guest
Any day · 11.30am (lunchtime class) OR 6.30pm (dinnertime class)
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Nadia & matteo
Rome, Metropolitan City of Rome, Italy

Appetizers usually include a seasonal salad, cheeses and whatever that inspires us from the local market!


Fresh, homemade pasta paired with the sauce of your choice. Please select ONE of the following which we'll all be making as a group:

1) all'amatriciana: pork belly, pecorino (sheep milk cheese), tomatoes, bell pepper
2) al ragu - minced meat (pork and veal), red wine, tomato sauce
3) alla carbonara - guanciale (pork cheek), eggs, pecorino/parmigiano
4) alla buttera - tomato sauce, olives, Italian sausage
5) ai fagioli - beans and pork belly in tomato sauce (vegetarian option available)
6) con crema di salmone e pistacchi - with salmon cream and toasted pistachios
7) con gamberi e crema di zucchine - with shrimp and zucchini cream

1) crema di peperone e ricotta - bell pepper and ricotta cream
2) alla sorrentina - tomato sauce, mozzarella, basil
3) alla norma - eggplant, aged ricotta, basil, tomato sauce
4) al pesto - basil, pine nuts, pecorino (sheep milk cheese), garlic
5) ai funghi - mushrooms, parsley, garlic (porcini mushrooms subject to seasonal availability)
6) al gorgonzola e noci - blue cheese and walnut sauce (nut-free version available on request)
7) alla crema di zucchine - zucchini and cheese cream
8) con crema di ceci e rucola - chickpea cream and wilted arugula
9) ricotta e noci - ricotta and walnut sauce


From the classic tiramisu to Nadia's peach crumble with amaretti and cocoa, we share with you the best of our personal favourites! Please select ONE of the following:

1) Tiramisù classico: -Traditional recipe with pasteurized eggs, savoiardi, mascarpone, coffee, cocoa
2) Limonisù - lemon tiramisù with eggs, lemon, mascarpone (limoncello optional)
3) Dolce Tricolore - layered chilled dessert with crushed amaretti aromatized with our homemade limoncello, topped with sweetened ricotta and seasonal fruit compote
4) Torta "Black Magic" - olive oil, dark chocolate and mascarpone layered cake. Tastes like a dream, between a cake and a mousse.
5) Fantasia di Caffe - chilled layered dessert containing crushed amaretti cookies, coffee and ricotta cream, topped with dark chocolate and olive oil sauce (eggless, contains almonds)
6)) Bicchierino di Stelle - chilled, layered dessert of Pan di Stelle (chocolate hazelnut cookies), Nutella or dark chocolate, fresh cream, milk/coffee
7) Crostata di castagne e nocciole con crema alla ricotta - Chestnut flour and hazelnut tart base, topped with ricotta cream and baked!
8) Torta Caprese al limone - Almond flour lemon cake with or without white chocolate (your choice!)
9) Crostata o Crostatine con Ciliege -Ricotta and cherry tart, made as 1 whole or individual mini versions, depending on the group size
10) Tiramisù di Pesche - Amaretti cookies, mascarpone and egg cream, peaches (contains almonds)
11) Mousse di pesche - Peach mousse
12) Torta Fredda all'anguria - Mascarpone and cream cake topped with a layer of gelo di anguria (watermelon pudding, summer dessert only)


Red, white, water (other drinks on request)