Icelandic lamb, mediterranean-twist

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Icelandic lamb, mediterranean-twist
This will be my inaugural meal with Voulez Vous and I couldn´t be more excited. To ease into things a bit, I´ll be offering up some recipes that I have made in our home before, so feel free to check out a bit of the menu on my blog ( ). Expect delicious food, good music and easy company. My wife and I will join you at the table--and perhaps a few other locals. If you would like to have alcohol with your meal (I will be drinking wine, so don´t be shy), please bring whatever you would like. I can give you directions to a nearby liquor store.
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Smokey baba ganoush with pita bread


Persian-style leg of lamb, creamy spinach with Greek yogurt and jeweled rice with dried fruit, seeds and nuts


Refreshing mint-infused lemonade (gin or vodka would be good in this!)