The brazilian taste in hungary

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The brazilian taste in hungary
The brazilian taste in hungary
The brazilian taste in hungary
Do you want to know the flavors of Brazilian cuisine without leaving Budapest? Know more about the culture of Brazil from the point of view of a Brazilian journalist and photographer? Would you like to taste authentic Brazilian dishes?

We will spend 3 hours with a 3-course menu typical of Brazilian cuisine, in my house, where you can meet guests from other countries at my dinner table and make new friends.

Come to my apartment, try the Brazilian flavors and make new friends. All this to the sound of Brazilian popular music.

My meal contains:
- 3-course dinner (starter, main course and dessert),
- Brazilian dishes with traditional recipes,
- A unique gastronomic program with the flavors, colors, sounds and friendliness of a good Brazilian.
$35  per guest
January 13, 2021 · 19h

-Brazilian Drumstick

The coxinha is a Brazilian snack, of São Paulo origin made with wheat flour dough and chicken broth, which involves a filling made with seasoned chicken meat, cheese, pepperoni or various other types of flavors. Made with potato dough, the coxinha is traditionally stuffed with cooked and shredded chicken meat. Modeled in a drop shape, to resemble the chicken leg, the coxinha is covered with breadcrumbs and fried.


couscous Stuffed

One of the most frequent dishes on Brazilian tables. The couscous is prepared and served in the couscous. Made with corn flour, it is salted and slightly moistened, as its dough is marinated and incorporated into the seasoning. The filling has sausage, bacon, tomato, onion, coriander, chopped parsley and cheese.


Passion fruit mousse

The tropical fruit from Brazil is famous worldwide and one of the most common desserts on Brazilian tables. It contains sour cream, condensed milk and concentrated passion fruit juice in its composition.


Mineral water, soda, beer, coffee and tea.