Sunday brunch

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Sunday brunch
Sunday brunch
Le chef se charge de l'approvisionement de la marchandise (produits du marche bio)
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Meet Cyrine
Paris, France
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- Selection de viennoiseries

-Declinaison de saumon fume et oeuf de truite, accompagne d'un large blini toaste.

-Salade de trio de quinoa

- Toast avocat, framboises fraiches, coriandre et graines de courges, filet d'huile d'olive de provence.


1. risotto de saison

2. Pommes de terre paillasson

3. Saute de legumes de saison

4. Poelee de crevettes Thai

5. Piece de boeuf grillee


Assortiment de petites patisseries hautes gammes de la grande epicerie


Smoothie du moment
Jus presse minute du moment
Boisson chaude (the,cafe, the matcha, chai latte, chocolat chaud)
Mimosa (champagne ou cremant du mois, jus d'orange presse maison)
Excellente expérience, l'accueil de Cyrine était délicieux tout comme sa cuisine, inventive et délicate.
Conversation animée avec 2 autres couples, autour de sujets très variés et intéressants.
Je recommande absolument !

Great cooking class experience! Much fun with cyring chef and classmates :) thanks !

It was a small group so we were able to interact quite closely. Got some hands-on experience about preparing the food. In addition, the setting is really lovely and her dog is so adorable.

the food we "prepared" (see below for more detail on that) was nothing like the food shown in the photos on the Airbnb listing. Cyrine is stylish and sweet, and her apartment is adorable. But in terms of this being a real French cooking class, I was disappointed. Maybe if I had absolutely no knowledge of food or cooking, this would’ve been more like what I envisioned. However, I cook frequently and often, and I’m at least somewhat familiar with a few of the staples of French cuisine. I looked forward to enhancing my knowledge by hearing from a seasoned French chef. I’m sorry to say it, but if you’re anything beyond a beginner cook, you won’t learn much. Cyrine presented my daughter and me with some onions and carrots (I had to ask if we shouldn’t wash our hands first and she a little flustered.) and said she would evaluate our technique for peeling and chopping. Her knives were terribly dull. She had a few tips on dicing onions, but that’s pretty much where our learning ended. She had us add our onions to some water and then add about five bouillon cubes. It tasted bland (no surprise) and looked worse. (Hopefully my pic will post below.) Before putting our soups into her toaster oven, she reached into the fridge for a bag of shredded cheese, which congealed into a torpedo-like mass at the top of each bowl. The soup wasn’t hot when served, the cheese wasn’t melted, and the whole thing was a disappointment. We also prepared part of a beef Bourguignon. No lesson here either, other than cutting up some beef, which seemed of very good quality so no complaints there. Cutting the beef was even harder than chopping onions with the dull knives. Cyrine had us pour the meat into an already prepared brown base. Unfortunately, she didn't explain at all what went into the base or how it was prepared. We added some carrots, a few more onions, some potatoes, and more bouillon cubes. The result was less than special. The dish lacked flavor, and we came away knowing little about how to prepare beef Bourguignon when we returned home – which was really the goal all along. Cyrine’s kitchen is cozy and reasonably well-equipped for a small home kitchen. One positive moment came when she demonstrated how to light a bunch of dried thyme with her lighter and add it to the top of our main course’s broth to give it a smoked flavor. More of this type of technique and information would have been welcome. She had a lot of exotic dried herbs and spices and seemed to know a lot about them. The apple and rhubarb tart we “made” tasted nice, but all three of us already knew how to unroll a refrigerated crust, spread jam from a jar, and slice apples. It had a very pretty presentation and was the best-tasting part of the meal. But where was the lesson? Cyrine’s Great Dane was adorable and extraordinarily trained and well-behaved. Interacting with her may well have been the high point of our afternoon. In signing up for a French cooking class, one might expect to come away knowing how rich stock and/or broth is well made, maybe some culinary history, pointers on blending flavors, and/or other information and techniques. We read the reviews before booking but have since learned to beware of a service with all 5-star reviews written only in the past 10 weeks. The prior reviews for this experience (and certainly the photos) are deceiving. Cyrine was very nice, and she may well have knowledge to share, but if you want a true French cooking class, I suggest you look elsewhere.”

Excellent dîner. Merci et bravo Cyrine !

Super repas! Cyrine est vraiment génial et l'ambiance c'était au top

I loved this experience I had with Cyrine. I was traveling alone so my class was one on one. We really connected and had a great time. She made me feel very welcomed in her home and I would recommend anyone to come visit her!

It was a great experience Antoine was really kind and the chef Cyrine was amazing. I strongly recommend this class for making a great memory in Paris and learning about French cooking.

This experience was absolutely AMAZING!!! Cyrine created an amazing energy and even taught me how to properly cut an onion. She told us about her love for spices and cooking overall. Although. I don’t eat beef, we made an alternate version of the the beef dish and everyone admitted that you could not tell the difference. I really felt like I was at a friends house enjoying a Sunday afternoon dinner! Everything about the experience was 10 stars! I would definitely recommend Cyrine’s experience to ANYONE

We really enjoyed making great French!
The host has a nice warming character and we could stay comfortably.
While we were eating lunch we made in the living room, she was doing dishes in the kitchen, and thus we could concentrate on eating.
She was also nice to our baby. Recommend to families.
December 2019 - Bistronomique