Mexican healthy and vegetarian dinner

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Mexican healthy and vegetarian dinner
As I lived one year in Mexico I had the pleasure to discover the mexican gastronomy which is far from the "tex-mex" we have in France. Mexican food is so much more than just tacos and burritos!
That's why I want to show French people and others what is the real mexican food and how healthy it can be (it's not just fried and fat food, far from it!).

If you love fresh, spicy (a little!) and good food, you'll enjoy the mexican diner I propose you to discover :)
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November 18, 2014 · 8PM

Who is going

Meet Victory
Paris, France
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Homemade real mexican guacamole

Perfect to start sharing experiences while dipping!


Rajas con crema

It's a way to cook and prepare peppers. Ready to discover the taste of it? Not too spicy I promise ;)


Mango con chile

Perfect to finish a diner, you'll be surprise how better mangos taste with this sweet chili I brought back from Mexico!


Of course, we'll have frozen margaritas or mexican beers
Commentaire de novice pour, c'était mon premier diner!
M'étant inscrit tardivement sur date libre, donc seul "client", Victory a organisé le repas avec son compagnon Fayçal en complétant la table avec 3 potes, j'ai donc passé un agréable moment avec des jeunes (dont je fais aussi partie avec un petit décalage de 25 ans ;-) ).
Après apéro-amuses bouches, Carpaccio de courgettes en entrée, roti de porc + purée de patate douces, pomme au four en dessert avec yahourt glacé, car Victory et Fayçal sont les créateurs de Rosa Kiwi ( ...
Un grand merci, j'irai voir la boutique avant la fin d'année.
Donc moment très sympa, sous le toit du 6e étage avec ascenseur capricieux (donc sans ).

What a delightful evening with this engaging young couple and their friends. They have a "finesse" for making people feel comfortable in their home, so I instantly felt at ease with them. They prepared a delicious ratatouille after a starter of a puree de pois...and ended with milles feuilles with raspberries - all of which more than satiated the appetite. They even popped open a bottle of special champagne! I appreciated getting to know them in English, and they encouraged me to speak French, and were patient and gracious with me. I highly recommend Victory and Faysal and will definitely do this again with them. Thank you for a wonderful evening! Suzanne
June 2015 - French style dinner

Dinner with Victory and Faycal was one of the highlights of our trip to Paris! They are a warm and charming couple with wonderful stories and insights to share. Victory took into consideration the fact that we have a tween daughter, and fixed us the family meal that was her favorite when she was a child. When it was time to leave our daughter didn't want to go! We are so excited about our experience we are eager to share it with other travelers in our own home in Memphis, TN. Thank you Victory and Faycal for a lovely evening and an incredible memory!
March 2015 - French style dinner

Thank you Victory for a wonderful meal and fantastic social evening! I enjoyed being able to try authentic home-cooked French meals, and also trying cheese I am unable to find at home (which is a shame). As a traveler, I greatly appreciated a welcoming place where I learned so much about Paris from locals. After great food and great conversations, I was told many things to do in Paris that I would have not discovered on my own. Being a traveler, I greatly recommend a meal from Victory to anyone wishing to try good food with great company and see a different side of Paris than you would find on your own.
December 2014 - French style dinner

Un dîner mexicain qui donne très envie de voyager ! De nouvelles saveurs très agréables et des hôtes qui ont envie de partager leur expérience de vie à l'étranger... Soirée eu top !!

If you want to enjoy authentic Mexican food, definitely try Vicotry's cuisine. Homemade CORN tortilla (what exactly the Mexicans eat everyday) and guacamole are my favorite. Plus the Mexican sauce and powder that directly come from Mexico! Modern apartment & very friendly hosts :D