Adventurous food tour for the daring

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Adventurous food tour for the daring
Adventurous food tour for the daring
Adventurous food tour for the daring
Let's explore the popular parts of Paris, where the working class used to live and eat the food that makes Parisians miss their grandma's cooking.
All the food we love is generally not the one tourists would go for, because they are easily turned off by anything that has not been pasteurized.
Have a laugh and try food you wouldn't eat in your country and spend some quality time with a local foodie.

Things like snails, oysters, blood sausage and hard liquor and other surprises are on the menu :)
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Paris, France
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Escargots or Oysters are very popular starters in French restaurants in Paris, let's have a go and see if you can enjoy two of the most challenging specialties that most French can't even eat :)


Boudin noir with roasted apples
Langue de boeuf sauce ravigotte
Rognons de veau...


Old goat cheese or extreme Epoisse cheese


Calvados liquor, Absynthe, table wine