Korean comfort food

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In Korean cuisine, there are no courses in menu. Dishes get presented as soon as they are done being cooked.
Guests can either wait until everything gets to the table, or just start enjoying the food as they get presented.
Also, we are not so big on desserts. : l
*I only use meat without antibiotics, eggs vegetarian fed & cagefree.
Vegetables are mostly Organic.
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new york city
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- GhamJa JoRim (diced potatoes and onions cooked in soy sauce mixture served warm or room temperature)
- MahnDoo Gui (fried dumplings served warm)
- JoongGook Oee (Chinese style pickled spicy & sour cucumber)


- KimChi BokEumBahp (Kimchi fried rice. cooked with bacon, tuna, and onion. topped with fried eggs. spicy)
- Miso Soup


Korean popsicles!
& surprise digestive from Normandy!!


Water - purified, bottled, seltzer
beer and /or soju