Memorable long lunch by the sea!

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Memorable  long lunch by the sea!
Pescatarian/Vegetarian + great cocktails + incredible desserts = memorable slow seaside lunches. I am a trained chef and local resident; I prefer to use local ingredients and I make an effort to source food that tastes good but is also produced ethically and sustainably. I will cook what's seasonal and get local fish that's fresh from the nearby harbour.
I can adapt to any dietary preferences/intolerances and am well-known for my gluten-free baked goods!
$25  per guest
Any day · 12h30 or later
lunch overlooking the sea, any day. Funky modern apartment setting with wifi and great view over False Bay.
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Meet Janine
Péninsule du Cap, Cape Town, South Africa

vegetarian first course will be made from seasonal local ingredients with asian flavours


Likely to be fish, or pulses if you dont eat fish. Lots of veggies prepared with care and incredible dressings; low-carb side dishes and the option of chili and spice if you like.


Likely to be something baked by me, involving fresh seasonal fruit.


I will serve you an infused gin cocktail to start. You're welcome to grab some wine or beer at the supermarket across the street. And I will serve you a cape dessert wine and a ugandan coffee at the end of your meal.