Bengal & beyond - a culinary journey

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Bengal & beyond - a culinary journey
An Bengali (East Indian) meal with an array of dishes both vegetarian and non- vegetarian. A complete experience with a personal touch in an Indian setting with music and a one -on -one interaction with the guests.
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Meet Rahul

Vegetable Cutlet
Mochar Chop (Banana Flower)
Kumro Ful Bora (Pumpkin Flower)
Fish Fry
Chicken Chop


Luchi (Fluffy deep-fried flatbread)
Alur Dum (Baby Potatoes cooked in Indian Spices)
Steamed Rice with Ghee & Bori Bhaja (fried lentil balls)
Sona Moong Dal (Lentil Soup)
Begun Bhaja (Brinjal Fry)
Basanti Pulao (Saffron Pilaf Rice)
Kosha Mangsho (Slow Cooked Mutton)
Chicken Malai Kari (Jumbo Prawns Cooked in Coconut Gravy)


Rosogolla (Fried Cheese Balls in Sugar Syrup)
Mishti Doi (Sweet Yogurt)
Payesh (Sweet Rice Porridge)
Mishti Paan (Sweet Stuffed Betel Leaf)


Aam Pora Shorbet (Green Mango)
Chaas (Butter milk)
Chilled Beer
Red Wine