Un dîner comme à la montagne

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Un dîner comme à la montagne
Cold weather shows winter's back!
Come and have a warm and delicious meal with us: you'll feel like you're in the Alps with our Raclette dinner!
Come and taste different kind of Raclette cheeses, with vegetables and cold meats.
$35  per guest
Any day · 7PM
Next availabilities in November
- 12th to 18th November
- 26th to 28th November
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Dourdan, France

small salad


Raclette, vegetables (tomatoes, salad, paprika, pickles, ...), potatoes
bread, butter


Your choice (send me a message to let me know)
- a pastry (éclair, religieuse, 3 chocolats, tarte citron meringuée...)
- an ice cream


Water (still or sparkling), orange juice, apple juice, Coke, Iced Tea...
beer, wine (red, white, rosé), passoa cocktail, ...
Coffee, Hot Chocolate