Nonna bea in da house

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Nonna bea in da house
The dinner will consist in simple but exquisite Italian recepies. On request, Italian music and dances will be performed. Just joking! Nevertheless, we will be totally enthusiast to welcome you and enjoy good food and chill atmosphere on Sydhaven canals.
$55  per guest
Any day · 7, but flexible to request
I can manage to offer this dinner whenever is NEEDED!
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Italian classic bruschetta with Olive extra vergine oil, basilico, tomatoes marinated in oil and garlic, sale, pepe.


Risotto with Strawberries and a misterious ingredient.

Lasagna with besciamella (very special creme;) ) and ragù alla bolognese.


Good also as appetizer, Italian selection of Cheeses and Prosciutto, accompanied by particular mustards and Greek honey.


Prosecco Veneto as entrèe for bruschetta and optionally cheeses. Nebbiolo comes with lasagna, and choice between Chianti and Amarone for cheeses and various prosciutto, salame and sopressa.
Yes, I have also water and juices.