Dining in ancient crete

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Dining in ancient crete
Dining in ancient crete
Dining in ancient crete
Dining in ancient crete
Dining in ancient crete
Enjoy culinary pleasures from ancient Crete with a dinner inspired from culinary information of 1400 BC to 9th century AD
The dinner begins with a short lecture and continues with a four course meal based on extensive research of archaeological data and Athenaeus' Deipnosophistai (Banquet Of The Learned) which is an early 3rd-century AD Greek work.
$62  per guest
Any day · 8 pm- 10.30 pm
I am available on Wednesdays.
However, the dinner may be available on request - when time permits.
Minimum guests: 2

Family friendly- Kids are welcome: Yes
Access for wheelchair users: Yes
Free parking: Yes
Street Parking: Yes
Nearby Public transport: Yes
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Meet Mariana
Chaniá, Greece

Neolithic flatbread
Lentils: a playful interpretation of Minoan cuisine.
A variety of dips served with bread baked in a replica of an ancient portable oven.


Pork with sweet and sour taste (4th century BC).


Gastrin, a dessert dating back to the Roman period. It is made with nuts, seeds, spices and honey.


Byzantine flavored wine (wine, spices, herbs and honey)