Winter classics

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Winter classics
Winter classics
The favorite recipes from The French Kitchen
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June 1, 2019 · 19.00
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Gratinée à l'oignon
(french onion soup)


Bœuf Bourguignon
(Beef in red wine Burgundy style)


Crème brûlée


Kir royal as pre-dinner drink
Côtes du Rhone with meal
A nice evening with friends and Michel and Camille were excellent hosts. As a former restauranteur, Michel supplied some appetisers and a nice 3 course meal with accompanying wine. Good value in a city where this approach is not common.
April 2014 - Couscous pied-noir

A most comfortable and enjoyable evening. Good food and wine and our hosts made us most welcome. Thank you Michel & Camille.
April 2014 - Couscous pied-noir

The evening was very social, two hosts were lovely and very entertaining. Home very comfortable, meal good value for money and it was better than the std eating out. Interesting dishes
April 2014 - Couscous pied-noir

Many thanks to Michel & Camille for an outstanding dinner. A very nice and surprising entree mastercrafted by Camille, followed by a great couscous (had to get a second very generous serving), and a delicious dessert (had to have two serves too). Home made sorbet and berries. Yummy. I would really recommend this address to anyone who loves great food and spend a nice moment with passionate and welcoming hosts.
February 2014 - Couscous pied-noir

Camille and Michel are very welcoming host with terrific Cous cous . I look forward to seeing more of their events…

Exellent dîner ce soir sur Canberra; enfin un coucous à Canberra et un vrai, fait par un pied noir originaire d'Algérie!!! j'en ai repris deux fois ainsi que son excellent dessert fait à partir des framboises du jardin ; sans compter sa charmante épouse Camille et ses délicieuses briques orientales ; et le vin argentin et d'afrique du sud; accompagné de deux australiens forts sympathiques et de Daniel digne fils de Michel et Camille: une excellente soirée , à renouveller s'il vous plaît Camille et Michel !!!
February 2014 - Couscous pied-noir