A typical french diner in the north of paris in a cosy flat

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A typical french diner in the north of paris in a cosy flat
A typical french diner in the north of paris in a cosy flat
Hello, Bonjour,

We are Marine and Nathan, a French couple living in Aubervilliers, north of Paris.
Nathan is a composer / musician and I just finish my studies in Law / History of Art and Culture management.

We want to share more than a diner with tourists from all over the World :D
We can cook together (except the desert which needs to be kept several hours in our fridge). You will be welcome at 6 in the afternoon in our nice flat, to cook together in our small kitchen, ;and then have a diner together or seperately, it depends on you.
So if you want to exchange about travels, different culture, and cook together to learn how to make traditionnal french food, it is the right place.
The price included a bottle of wine for two people and water.

I hope you love garlic, because my food is full of it :D

Bon appétit
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Tarte aux poireaux avec salade verte
Quiche lorraine


Blanquette de veau et riz
Filet mignon de porc et gratin dauphinois


Verrine de charlotte au chocolat
OU tiramisu (italien)


With blanquette de veau, always white wine. Le filet mignon with red wine.
It was so nice to meet Marine and Nathan yesterday and spend the evening with them. The food, hospitality and company was just amazing. The food was prepared with the best ingredients and Marine explained and showed us all the tricks of how to cook like a real Parisien. The hosts are very warm and lively people and their English is excellent. We didn’t realize how fast time went by, because we had such a good time and conversation. I can definitely say that Marine’s food was one of the best I ate in Paris so far. We just loved everything about our experience we had with Marine and Nathan.
Thank you for an unforgettable evening in Paris,