Superdiversity with a dutchy feeling

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Superdiversity with a dutchy feeling
Superdiversity with a dutchy feeling
Welcome to a typical ancient Dutch "Dike house" in the northern part of Amsterdam Schellingwoude. Once a little fishing village.
But if you expect a traditional dish you will be surprised because as you know the Dutch are a seafaring people. So Amsterdam is a superdiverse city and so is your menu from your chef Sita, born in Surinam, a former Dutch colony, from Hindustani parents.
The menu is not fixed but composed by the taste and mood of the cook, even when you are not adventurous you will love the food.
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Meet Sita

Be surprised appetised: if you are lucky you will taste mamaz Loempia with a delightful tender seducing skin or something according the season like spicy pumpkin soup, smoked eel. And our brave vegetarians and vegans or glutenfrees will be treated well.


Did you ever taste the most tender and subtle goatcurry? Or naan?
How about vegan lasagna? Fishlovers, meatlovers, veganlovers, veggielovers: wanna play?
Sides of ovenbaked rosemary potatoes, tartiflette, broccolimousse. Maybe ...


Warm homemade Dutch applepie with kulfi icecream and rhubarbecompote. This is no guarantee, but what is guaranteed is a comfy good feeling.


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