Juno – myth diner

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Juno – myth diner
In my life I did a thousand things, now, for the first time, I want to do something I really like”.

Thus it was born my Home Restaurant SAPORI DI GIRGENTI (one of the names that Agrigento has had over the centuries), not only a mere place where to eat, but a real emotional and cultural experience, thanks to which one can know the thousand flavors of ancient dishes from Agrigento, rediscovered and repurposed in exclusive banquets by me, in order to offer to my guests the passion of meaningful scents, sometimes sour and sometimes delicious, from the most original Sicilian cuisine.

My dishes are rigorously made bu using only the most genuine local ingredients, just like grandmothers and old aunts did in their old-fashioned home kitchens: the best vegetables, citrus and legumes, fresh pasta, carefully hand-rolled as in the past, the tasty meat of the Sicilian breeding, the excellent fish of the Mediterranean Sea, the best typical pastry, the most selected wines and the Sicilian grappa with Nero d'Avola, the home-made rosoli or granita.

My guests love to be told about the cuisine of Agrigento, almost as if my dishes were the stories of Pirandello, the works of Tomasi di Lampedusa or Sciascia, or the novels of Camilleri; and I love to exalt its ancient gestures, romanticism, elegance and cultural traditions that cohabit in caponata, beccafico, cavateddri, pasta with sardines, brusciuluni, purpu stricasali, arancine, babbaluci, cannoli , in the cassata.

When – during dinner at my home – we sit (all together) at the same table, we do not know each other yet, but in the end we get up regularly from new friends.
The Anglo-Saxons call it social-eating (socializing at the table), I try to translate it into the many extraordinary flavors of the typical dishes of this fascinating corner of Sicily.

That Sicily that always evokes, in the traveler of all time, the charm of its thousand-year history, its culture, its countless monuments, sumptuous, scattered here and there across the island to attest the many dominations that over the centuries have created the deeper spirit of this wonderful corner of the world.

At my home opsitality culture is a tradition that last over time.
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Seasoned Olives and Sundried tomatoes
Seasoned bread


Giurgintana’s cavatelli
Monte Sicani Meat
(Sausage, pork chop, Stigliola)
Giurgintana salad


Granita (summertime)
Iced tangerine (wintertime)
Fresh fruits


Red wine *
Sicilian Grappa or Amaro