Tuto: Take professional quality photos with your smartphone !

Here is a short guide to help you take pictures of your dishes. 

1. Details and presentation

 The dressing of your plate and its visual rendering. In this point, many details are important in order to obtain a dish that is pleasant to look at and take a picture of.
    - Create a beautiful dressing that you like and bring colors!
    - A white tableware preferably that will bring neutrality to your dish and bring out its colours.
    - Make small proportions. Do not overload your plate.
    - Add an atmosphere by decorating around your plate, adding a tablecloth, cutlery and any other elements that can bring context to your dish.
    Here are some comparative examples.

The dressing: 

The details: 

2. Good lighting > exposure

    Light is an essential point for a photo shoot, whether it is taken via a smartphone or with a traditional camera, that's why it's important to use it to the maximum to get a perfectly enhanced photo and that makes MamazSocialFood users want to register for the dinner you are offering.

    Choose the right time to take your photos, preferably in daylight near a bright window.

    You can also change the brightness of your photo by clicking on "change" and changing the following settings:

Here is a comparison of the different exhibitions: 

3. clean lens
    Having your smartphone on you at all times is good, but it means that your smartphone's lens is regularly in contact with different surfaces.
    As a result, dust and/or traces may be left on your lens. Your photo will be less highlighted and will lose its potential.
    A small cleaning of a few seconds may be necessary after reading these few lines.

Here is a picture with a dirty lens: 

4. Stability

    Do not neglect the stability of your camera when shooting. Indeed, your photos will be much more likely to be blurry if you don't stabilize your smartphone properly. Thankfully, most modern devices have an integrated stabilizer!

    However, we recommend that you hold your camera with both hands and take several pictures in a row.

5. Display the framing grid
    Enabling the photo grid allows you to have an ideal framing and to center your dishes as well as possible on your photo.
    To do so, go to Settings > Photos and devices > Grid

Here is the result you get with the grid, easier to frame your photo: 

6. Saturation level

    Playing with saturation is like changing the power of the colors on a photo, increasing the saturation will give more brightness to your dish taken in a photo.
    To change this setting: Edit > Color > Saturation
    We let you judge by yourself:
Saturation interface : 

Here is a comparison of saturation levels: 

7. No zoom permitted!
    We strongly advise you not to use the zoom of your phone. It is rarely effective in terms of image quality.
    The best thing to do is simply to get closer to your photographic dish.

8. Applications 
    If you want to take the photo even further in the improvements, some applications are available for download. They will give you a wider range of modifications for your photo.

We offer a small selection: Camera+, Snapseed, Pixlr, Instagram, TouchRetouch

Hopefully this post has been useful to you! 

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