Item : Edible Straws

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Ecological, edible straws are the new trend ! 


Plastic is damaging the environment, so far no news. Plastic straws are a curse for sea life. They are too small to be recycled and we consume more than a billion of them every day. At best, they are incinerated with our household waste. At worst, they end up in the ocean with the 8 million tonnes of plastics that are already devastating marine biodiversity. 

In order to eliminate this threat, the European Parliament and the European Council have decided to ban the use of plastic straws by 2021.
Many professionals have already removed them from their establishments. 

We all agree, ecology is essential, however with the summer coming up, nothing is more pleasant than drinking your Mojito outdoor with a straw! 

With edible straws, no compromise is needed. They are biodegradable and fun. 

This market is booming, there are dozens of them. 


Mamaz has chosen the best ones for you :


1. Straws or pasta 

The advantage of pasta straws is that they have no taste, they do not disintegrate. In addition, it is a cheap and easy to obtain product. Straw-shaped pasta already exists under the name "bucatini". 

Ideal for soft drinks and alcoholic cocktails! 

The only drawback, they are not convenient for people with a gluten intolerance.


2. Sugar straws 

These biodegradable and edible straws are made of sugar, GMO-free and gluten-free. The sugar straw dissolves in about 45 minutes, giving you enough time to quietly enjoy your drink. Moreover, these straws are flavor-filled. It exists dozens of flavors and can even be personalized.

All is done to end up tasting your straw ! 


3. Straw in Algae

These straws are made with water, seaweed and top secret ingredients! 

They offer many advantages. There are calories free, GMO-free, 100% marine-degradable (they disintegrate into environment-friendly particles in 24 hours underwater). They are flavor-filled and leave no taste in your drink. 

The hitch is that they are not yet available in Europe and are quite expensive. 

Save the turtles, choose the edible straws you like!