Article: The pegan diet

The Pegan Diet: Do or don't ? 


Pegan is the new trend ! Instagram feeds are drowning under posts containing #pegan


Where did it come from? 

This new new diet is the result of a combination between the paleo diet and the vegan. 


A quick reminder : 

  • The paleo diet is based on vegetable food and animal protein and eliminates all processed foods. It is designed to resemble what human hunter-gatherer ancestors ate thousands of years ago.


  • The vegan banned any food derived from animals, as well as the animals themselves.

Be aware that although it is called a 'diet', this is not about losing weight but about changing dietary habits. 

It would offer several health benefits (by reducing the risk of diabetes, cholesterol or cardiovascular disease). 


The pegan diet : how does it works ?  


The Pegan diet is based on the paleo diet paired with some vegan precepts.  

It contains 75% of plants and 25% of animal protein. It bans every dairy products and transformed products.
It also insists on the use of high quality products ; preferably organic or from sustainable and seasonal agriculture ! 


Foods to avoid...

  • Dairy products 
  • Industrial sugars, use honey and the sugar already contained in the food. 
  • Chemicals, additives... in other words, all the unpronounceable scientific terms!
  • Gluten. Goodbye pasta, but don't worry, you'll still eat rice !  

Verdict !

We like the Pegan diet : it is not very different from the flexitarian diet (it is a flexible vegetarian diet, i.e. it is possible to eat meat or fish occasionally). 

And above all, it is environmentally friendly and healthy!