Article : Decoration advices

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Appetite comes through the eyes! Knowing how to envy is a valuable asset. It is obvious that if the presentation is not pleasant, and does not envy, nobody will want to taste what is on his plate, even if

So we decided to offer you some techniques to help you prepare your dishes.


Choose the dishes :

It is important to choose the dishes and what goes with them, such as cutlery, tablecloths and table decorations. Everything has to be in harmony. You have to look after the presentation of the table so that your guests want to sit down to eat. For the dishes, you need neutral, classic dishes in order to decorate the interior of the plate without it being too loaded.


Make small portions :

Obviously, it is necessary that the guests are satiated, but it is necessary to know that the smaller the portion, the more it will be simple and practical to play on the presentation.


Use mini-dishes :

The use of the mini-dish will produce a cleaner and more sophisticated effect on the guest. A mini-gratin, a mini-soufflé, it will be all the more appetizing.


Play on the contrasts and assemblages of foods :

A certain dynamic! That's what adds a beautiful presentation. You must therefore pay attention to contrasts, color combinations with food, as well as symmetries or asymmetries.


Use small molds as well as spare parts :

The fact of using this type of tools can allow you to deposit the lining in a cleaner way, as well as being able to superimpose floors for example.


Properly dispose of food :

The arrangement of the food is essential for the tasting. You have to separate the food in order to have space between them, but not too much either.


Use utensils :

The use of utensils such as brushes or pipettes can be useful if you want to make small decorations on the plate. You can also use it to arrange the sauce or the juice.

Use a pastry bag : 

In order to obtain a perfect training or assembly, the best solution is to use a piping bag. This will help to be more precise and achieve a cleaner result.


Use individual sauce boats :

You can use small individual saucers to give the choice to the guests to be able to dose their sauces. In addition, it will be more neat.


Use herbs spices or citrus zest :

Adding herbs, spices or citrus zests used in the recipe you just finished can be an extra decorative effect that will remind you of the foods you have used.


Now all you have to do is invite your guests and treat them!