Article: 5 good reasons to eat fermented foods

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Fermented foods are the new food trend of 2019!


But why are they so successful?


Mamaz answers you, giving you 5 good reasons to eat more fermented foods.


1- It is a source of vitamins :

Vitamin C: A fermented vegetable contains as much or more vitamin C as a raw vegetable. In addition, the vitamin C content does not decrease on cooking.
The presence of lactobacilli will lead to the creation of the following vitamins:

Vitamins K: They help fight against osteoporosis. They are synthesized in bacteria found in cheese and vegetables.
Vitamins PP: also known as vitamins B3, they can fight against pellagra (disease due to nutritional deficiencies). They are synthesized by yeast. The brewer's yeast works. Do not hesitate to order a pint!
Vitamins B: they protect from many different symptoms, from stress to cardiovascular diseases. They also protect the nervous system and cell growth. They are found in large quantities in Kombucha, tempeh and yeasts.

2- Choline source :

What is choline?

It is an amino acid necessary for the good health of the liver, the heart and the membrane of all our cells. This very important nutrient for the good functioning of our body is, generally, not consumed in rather high quality.

According to some studies, it would even protect against Alzheimer's disease. Indeed, choline produces a neurotransmitter that contributes to memory.


3- They are antiseptic and they detoxify the food :

Lactic acid, present in fermented foods, prevents pathogens (Salmonella, E.Coli, etc.) from surviving.

Fermented foods provide probiotics, they are bio-available friendly bacteria. They allow the body to eliminate heavy metals and toxins from the body. They can also mitigate the action of certain pesticides and nitrates.

Lactic acid can even annihilate the effects of certain poisons. For example, it works with fugu (fish), its poison is one of the most toxic in the world.


4- Energy source, and mineral intake :

They bring energy. Lactic bacteria transform sugars into ATP (adenosine triphosphate) molecules that provide the energy needed by our body.
They increase the availability of minerals present in food products. They do not acidify the body, on the contrary, they promote the sodium-potassium balance of our body.

5- It's good for you :

They contain bacteria for fermentation. They facilitate digestion. These bacteria allow a kind of pre-digestion of food.
They strengthen our immune system. Indeed, fermented foods provide bacteria that enrich our microbiota. The microbiota is all the friendly bacteria present in our body. They defend us against pathogens, when they fail the white blood cells take over (we are sick.).
They participate in the proper functioning of the intestine, which is essential for the general health of our body. They defend us against pathogens, when they fail the white blood cells take over (we are sick.).

Now that you have been converted to fermented foods. Come discover our recipe for canned fermented vegetables !