Article: 10 tips for cleaning your barbecue

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It is soon time to release the barbecue for the season. To prepare beef skewers, marinated chicken wings, merguez and other grills, it's time for outdoor meals ! Discover our 10 techniques to overcome the encrusted grease and other dirt.

1. Clean grills with heat (and newspaper)

To overcome the grime of your barbecue grill, one solution: the heat. For a good cleaning, we advise you to light your barbecue and wait for the grease to melt. Thus, they will come off more easily! You can then use newspaper rolled into a ball to rub and make everything disappear.

2. Use onion

Hey yes, this is not a joke: the onion can allow you to say bye-bye to the encrusted fat! Cut in half and rubbed on the still hot grill, it degreases without difficulty. Then add some water to rinse everything off quickly. A grandmother's tip to test!

3. Think inside the barbecue

A barbecue is a clean grid but also a nickel interior. To scour the interior of the barbecue, mix hot water with dishwashing liquid. With the sponge, clean the set carefully. If you own a gas grill, be careful. Remember to protect your gas supply with aluminum foil beforehand.

4. A special barbecue brush

To maintain your barbecue grill, nothing beats a good brush. Multiple models exist on the market to allow you to not damage the barbecue grill with every cleaning.

5. Use baking soda

We opt for natural cleaning that does a lot of miracles! Try baking soda: in a bucket of water, add baking soda and scrub the grill with a brush or cloth. Result: a brilliant grid of 1000 fires!

6. Use white vinegar

White vinegar is our super miracle ally for cleaning. To clean naturally without damaging, scrub the grill of your barbecue with a cloth and some white vinegar. You can also put your grates in water mixed with white vinegar and let it soak for 30 minutes if your grill is really dirty.

7. A barbecue cooking sheet

To avoid the hassle of grid rubbing, a solution ... the special BBQ baking sheet! Ideal for cooking your meats and vegetables, it keeps all the flavor of your food without messing the grill. Time saving assured.

8. Use lemon or raw potato

Lemon is another must in the natural household. Super degreaser, it will come to the end of the dirt every time. How to do ? After cooking, cut the lemon in half and rub the barbecue grill with the half lemon to remove all the fat. That's it ! Before cooking, rub half a raw potato on the cold rack: this method prevents the food from sticking.

9. Soak barbecue grills

Sometimes time is your best friend to beat the dirt. As you will do with a particularly dirty dish, soak your grills in hot water with detergent or a little vinegar. You'll just have to let it work all night before you find your barbecue grill as new.

10. What if we used the dishwasher to wash our barbecue?

Only condition to wash your barbecue with your washing machine? That your grid enters the device! Before starting any program, remember to carbonize the remains and soak the grill in water. In long program, your grid will come out brighter than a penny!