How the sharing economy is contributing to a more sustainable planet

How the sharing economy is contributing to a more sustainable planet ?

How the sharing economy is contributing to a more sustainable planet


Global warming and the state of our home Planet Earth and its inhabitants is becoming more apparent every day, but so are the people and businesses fighting for change. 


Making big waves in the green community are peer to peer sharing platforms. 


We are all familiar with sharing. We’ve grown up in families where we’ve perhaps shared clothes; hand me downs from siblings or the odd vintage item from parents. We’ve no doubt shared food and we’ve shared homes with those we love. We’ve probably even allowed someone close to us to borrow our car. Well, peer to peer sharing platforms are working to bring the concept of ‘sharing’ to a whole new level.


Firstly, take food. Whether it’s food we can’t finish, food we don’t really like, or a portion size we’ve overestimated, we have all been guilty of food waste at one time or another. However, there are companies, such as OLIO, who actively seek to connect neighbours to share food with one another rather than throwing it out. As with the likes of Mamaz Social Food, which is essentially an open and sociable market place bringing people together to eat with locals anywhere in the world.


And what about clothes. We have all been guilty of throwing something out that’s not yet at the end of its life, because we’re perhaps ‘not in that phase anymore’ or it simply doesn’t fit. Peer to peer platform TULERIE is working to change this. The platform allows us to rent out our own clothes and accessories FOR MONEY! We get paid for doing nothing but letting someone wear our clothes. For example, that dress you last wore 12 months ago but don’t have the heart to throw out can be making you money, rather than sitting in your wardrobe doing nothing. And we’ve all experienced the “I’ve got nothing to wear” moment, so why not see what other people have to offer. 


And then there are cars. Cars are a big problem when it comes to the environment and our ozone layer, so why not ditch your car altogether? We get it; there’s the odd thing you could really do with it for, but what if there was a car local to you that you could just take out whenever you needed it? Peer to peer platform hiyacar allows the rental of a privately-owned car that’s local to you, as and when you want it. Essentially saving the person renting the car any costs to do with having their own vehicle (tax, insurance etc.), while making the owner of the vehicle a little extra money, slashing the number of cars on our roads and reducing emissions and pollution. 


If more people get on board with a sharing attitude that extends beyond just close friends and family, we believe the world will be a much cleaner, happier place.